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Magkano kaya sweldo sa Edi sa Puso Mo :”> ?

Posted on 20/Aug/14 with 30 notes Reblog

Photoshop can beautify your face, but it will never hide your ugly attitude.


Posted on 11/Jun/14 with 22 notes Reblog

Panget ka sa I.D picture? Syempre walang retrica at camera 360 yun.

Posted on 4/Jun/14 with 54 notes Reblog

If you can’t reblog this, you don’t deserve to be on tumblr.

If you can’t reblog this, you don’t deserve to be on tumblr.

Posted on 2/Jun/14 with 826,921 notes Reblog

↖ Gusto ng fansign sa TSAMU.

Posted on 21/May/14 with 193 notes Reblog

Anonymous: Catwang po 'yun?

Opo. :))) (rawr) HAHAHHA

Posted on 16/May/14 with 1 note Reblog

Kung boobs lang pala habol mo, bat hindi ka nag-girlfriend ng aso? Walo dede nun, magsawa ka!

Posted on 11/May/14 with 111 notes Reblog

I blog because no one cares.

Posted on 6/May/14 with 176 notes Reblog

Miley Cyrus is the greatest example of how a girl can turn into a Bitch once you break her heart. ♡♡♡

Posted on 1/May/14 with 140 notes Reblog

TIPS PARA TUMANGKAD: Maliit ang kaibiganin.

Posted on 24/Apr/14 with 155 notes Reblog

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